Ecommerce Growth Strategy

How can we help your Ecommerce Business Grow?

Scaling your business could be challenging at first. But all it takes is one simple equation to boost and control your online sales profitability.

But regardless of what you sell or the type of company plan you employ, it really does work. You can simply improve your earnings by using our Ecommerce Growth Formula, whether you’re drop shipping or selling your own goods.

Ecommerce Growth Formula

That equation is why we structure our marketing services differently.

Our service offerings exist to serve each part of the equation.

What we believe:

We want to simplify the end to end shopping process for brands and customers and create better shopping experiences for everyone.

By investing in a partnership that grows with your business, our priorities are to deliver on Better, Faster, Cheaper.

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Drive more and higher-quality traffic to your ecommerce
site to scale spend profitably.

When it comes to traffic, there are 3 main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should be watching closely:

  1. Quantity (Click-Through-Rate) which is how you bring to your website. There are several achieve, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Influencers Campaign, Press Releases, Public Relations, Media Buying.
  2. Retention (Bounce-Rate) Organic traffic is great because once you build the engine, there is no cost. The traffic retention and quality are usually higher due to its organic nature.
  3. Quality (Conversion-Rate) Media buying is also great because you can analyze the Quality and health of your campaigns by watching your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and CPC (Cost-Per-Click).

Conversion Rates (CR)

Increasing Likelihood of Purchase
  • Designing for marketing puts your most successful SKUs in the spotlight because onsite CRO can only take you so far.
  • Ad assets that are true to the brand delivers a consistent user experience to your e-commerce store when paired with message mapping
  • Speed and mobile-friendly design comparison of all relevant platforms, such as Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce
  • Pricing techniques and provides ways to draw customers in, increase AOV, and promote both seasonal and evergreen growth.
Ecommerce Growth formula - Conversion Rates
Ecommerce Growth formula - AOV

Average Order Value (AOV)

Boost Your Revenue

  • Provide product recommendations try adding product recommendations to your product pages or checkout page.
  • Upsell or cross-sell complementary products Cross-selling is when you promote a complementary product, whereas upselling is when you promote a product upgrade or a more expensive version of the product.
  • Set order minimums for a discount Increase your average order value by incentivizing customers to spend a minimum amount.
  • Set up a customer loyalty program Creating a customer loyalty program is a retention strategy that helps you forge relationships with your customers
  • Bundle products or create packages Increase the perceived value of a customer’s purchase

Variable Costs (VC)

Reduce Cost Expenses

A variable cost is a corporate expense that changes in proportion to how much a company produces or sells. Variable costs increase or decrease depending on a company’s production or sales volume—they rise as production increases and fall as production decreases. 

To calculate variable costs, multiply what it costs to make one unit of your product by the total number of products you’ve created. 

Variable Costs Formula

Your total variable cost is the sum of all variable costs associated with each individual product you’ve developed. Calculate total variable cost by multiplying the cost to make one unit of your product by the number of products you’ve developed.

Ecommerce Growth formula - vc

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