Why It is Best to Scale and Grow with an Ecommerce Enabler Like Commerceplus (2023)

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We are looking for Ecommerce brand owners and marketers who is looking for growth. We are ready for Clients who would are looking for a deep partnership to expand and scale their Ecommerce operations over the next 12 months. We will focus on implementing our growth approaches with you.
Work with Us - An Ecommerce Enabler

Why Work with Us – An Ecommerce Enabler to Help in Growing and Scaling

When we started @Commerceplus, we were trying to figure out how to model our business and where to invest our efforts and limited resources. We knew we wanted to be an Ecommerce enabler and our first few sources of inspiration was companies like #baozun in China and #acommerce in Thailand.
These companies have grown into behemoths in their own markets by merging expertise in sales, platforms, creative, warehousing and fulfillment, customer support and digital marketing. In essence, they provided pretty much a “Flip on” switch for Ecommerce services.
Coming from a team with a background in marketing, digital media, finance, sales and attack background, what we used to do was just pieces of the entire puzzle. We came into business hungry to do more and influence more parts of the ecosystem. Speed, integration, expertise, constant feedback loops is critical.
Our first few clients included a Health Supplement company. The client was doing a 400k – 500k of sales per month via social, offline webinars alone and was a wanted to expand their presence.
We developed an Ecommerce site built on WordPress Woocommerce, set up integrations with payment gateways and tracking. We tackled medical certifications, contract manufacturing, restrictions on digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, fusing creative, content and media buying.
To deepen our knowledge quickly, we launched 2 DTC private labels. One in food called #nospicynolife and another in a different category called #closerskincare. We took a pause on the skincare project before it could take shape as we needed to focus our resources.
Being an Ecommerce operator, we took charge of the sourcing, negotiations, pricing, product assortment, warehousing, inventory management, fulfilment, creative, cross channel management, promotion strategies, digital marketing, outreach and working with offline retailers.
We scaled up our customer support, simulate our sales growth across platforms (#Shopee, #Lazada, #Grab, #AirAsiaFresh, www.nospicynolife.com, FB Shops, Whatsapp) and started to map out the entire operational costs and find ways to grow our profitability of this Food label.
10 months in, No Spicy No Life moved from 1-2 orders/week at its start to now consistently ranking in the top 10 sales in the food staples, cooking ingredients category in the Lazada and Shopee Marketplace.
One client we enjoyed working on is an electronics and air care service provider whom at the peak of the pandemic, brought in a mist fogging sterilizer to supplement their air conditioning and B2B service business. The products were priced at a premium and it wasn’t moving as fast. We worked to launch the products onto the marketplace malls, used strong messaging and customer support to justify the price premium.
As an Ecommerce enabler, we grew a new revenue stream by launching a series of sanitizers and disinfectants as well. The importance of customer support evidently show in this business as it contributed more than 42% of the sales. With limitations on driving traffic on social media, customer service became a strong differentiator for us to deliver MOM growth.

We secured another Ecommerce project for an automotive client who chose us after a pitch against much more established Ecommerce enablers in the region to develop a pilot setting up an 020 (Online to Offline) process delivering online sales to their offline stores.

We were involved in developing and operating these:
– Setup
– Creative Developments (Store and Product)
– Customer Support
– Operations
– Payment Processing
– Sales and Promotion Planning
– Digital Marketing
Excited to see this project moving into its next phase of growth.
Along the way, we took on digital consulting and training, market opportunity mapping projects for SG/MY and also launched another Ecommerce site for an Indonesia client on #Shopify.

Our Approach Form & Our Sales Growth Formulas

As we did that, we took the best of what we knew, added on from actual practical experiences and merge it with what we found online to create processes, documentation, growth approaches, reporting to form the first few iterations of our own Ecommerce operating system.
An Ecommerce enabler is largely involved in the 4 key areas
1. Ecommerce Strategy and Setup
2. Ecommerce Day to day operations
3. Payment Processing
4. Warehousing and fulfillment
It is like an extension of your team that helps you extend further, dive deeper and scale faster.
Through the work we’ve done, we developed a deep appreciation of the most important parts of an Ecommerce operations. While many factors were important, certain parts have a disproportionate influence on the success of an Ecommerce operations. From trying to start off as an Ecommerce service provider, to also operating Ecommerce private labels, we wanted to let client partners know they are working with folks who will do what it takes to build, grow and operate a brand profitably.
Margins are everything. Ecommerce businesses/D2C businesses have their own set of fixed overheads and variable costs. There are platform fees, transaction fees, service fees on free shipping and cashback programs. Add on the CACs, promotions, and fulfilment costs to manage. It is exciting to see companies like #thrasio #brandedgroup and many large companies aggregating Ecommerce brands together to deploy shared specialist capabilities and platform scaling knowledge. We know it’s highly possible in this part of the world too.
We’ve been working under constraints of funding and resources, but this has only challenged us to quickly automate, test and iterate and find ways to prioritize our resources ruthlessly. There are a lot of exciting brands waiting to scale and grow, and many areas to improve on. Given the highly fragmented landscape geographically and the many players involved, ultimately, it comes back to doing things profitably and delivering performance as required.
Our focus as an ecommerce enabler is on the customers who are buying our clients’ products. That’s who we serve ultimately. We love the work, the pace and the possibilities when it comes to driving new revenue streams in this space. DM us @Commerceplus_A or drop us a note at contact@commerceplus.asia if you are keen to set up a discovery call.

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  1. ❤️ We were looking for an enabler for our Ecommerce business but wasn’t sure if we are ready for one, or how the partnership dynamics would work. You have broken it down neatly to the areas we should look at to scale our Ecommerce revenue. Thank you. ❤️

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