4 ways why Social Media is crucial for your Ecommerce Growth – with Ideas and illustrations

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A Social Media Ecommerce plan can aid in brand visibility, customer communication, and increased sales for your online store.

In this article, we’ll go through all the different ways you may market your Ecommerce website using social media. So, if you’re starting from scratch with your ecommerce’s social media presence or seeking for new ideas for your marketing plan, you’ve come to the correct place!

– Social Media Ecommerce Marketing

What is social media ecommerce marketing?

Ecommerce social media is the practise of using social media to market an ecommerce store.  Ecommerce businesses may utilise social media to raise brand awareness, get online followers, and increase sales. Businesses can also utilise social media to promote their brand, profile, and products.

How to use social media for Ecommerce?

Here are the several methods that social media marketing may assist you in promoting your ecommerce business and sell more products.

1. Building brand awareness

Brand awareness is the way in which consumers recognize and remember your business. The more people who are familiar with your logo, messaging, and products, the more brand recognition you will have.

Building brand awareness and reaching your target audience requires a specific voice and a consistent posting plan.  Building brand awareness is a long process that takes time. If you’d like to get things moving a little faster, paid social media can assist.

– Creating brand awareness


The top 10 tactics to use social media marketing to raise brand awareness:

  1. Understand your targeted audience.
  2. Platforms that perform should be prioritised.
  3. Make your social media content unique.
  4. Create visual content
  5. Content that adds value
  6. Strategy and action should be combined.
  7. Make the most of social media trends.
  8. Make ties with influential people.
  9. Make use of your social media accounts.
  10. Track your performance

2. Advertising

Advertising on social media is a highly targeted strategy to reach your target audience. You can target either new or existing clients. It’s also an opportunity to do some A/B testing directly.

social media activities by platform
– social media activities by platform – 2022

Advertising is available on all of the major social media platforms. That isn’t to say you should use them all. It’s also useful to know which networks are most popular with your target demographic when deciding where to place your ads.

When it comes to goals, make sure you set the right objectives for your social media ads. As an ecommerce business, you will likely want to use social media advertising to attract people to your store, or a specific product or collection.

However, choosing the correct objective isn’t enough to help the business grow. You must also select the appropriate ad format for your campaign. The following are the main format categories on Facebook and Instagram:

  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads

Here’s an example of an ecommerce ad with a “Shop Now” action on Facebook:

Example of an Ecommerce Facebook ad
– Example of an Ecommerce Facebook ad

3. Selling products directly on social media

There are two types when it comes to selling products in Social media,

  1. Social Media Shopping
  2. Live Shopping on Social Media


Facebook / Instagram / TikTok / Pinterest Shops:

This is when social media ecommerce marketing meets social commerce, which is when you sell your products straight from your social media accounts or “shops.” For business accounts, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all have native products and services.

Sample Product page in a Facebook page
– Sample Product page in a Facebook page

There are huge benefits of using social commerce solutions:

  • It’s completely free to set up.
  • It improves the efficiency of the sales process. Users can shop directly from their feeds instead of going to a external  website. Conversion rates can be improved by reducing the time between discovery and checkout.
  • It’s exactly what users of social media want! 70 % use Instagram to discover brands and products.


Sell products through live shopping:

Social media Live Shopping allows you to create live-streamed shopping events. You may use your live broadcast to present products in real-world settings, put product details and buy options front and centre, and engage with your audience.

Live Shopping on Instagram Page
– Sample Live Shopping on Instagram Page


4. Customer Support

Your main social media goal may be reaching new customers – and that’s reasonable. But don’t forget about your existing customers.

Social media Customer Service
– Sample Customer Service Support on Twitter 

Even if you have a dedicated customer service team that communicates with clients via phone or email, social media will occasionally become an ad hoc customer service channel. Customers may visit your profiles to learn more about you, ask questions, or provide feedback. And when they do, you’ll need to be ready to deal with the incoming comments and direct messages. Customers that are still in the consideration stage of their customer journey might use the opinions of happy customers as social proof.


Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen, social media is the future of ecommerce because billions of people use these platforms. So it’s important for you to have a presence on these channels and be consistent. If you have any additional questions about how to improve your Content Marketing visibility, please send us an email at contact@commerceplus.asia or contact us to organise a quick 30 minute audit.

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Table of Contents

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