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We are well aware that the market is flooded with Ecommerce sellers competing to be the top sales in each niche. Today, we are looking at two of the best Southeast Asia Ecommerce platforms, and easily the most frequently used apps in Malaysia. Both Shopee and Lazada had made it much easier for any tenant to start their own virtual store. However, this also means that there is an influx of sellers, making it extremely difficult to stand out.

The ugly truth is that the competition is really fierce in Ecommerce and many entrepreneurs are retailing the same items like you. You should not resort sourcing a product with no competition, because competition will eventually dawn on even the most unique products. Instead, we think that it is better to optimise your product listings on these platforms so that it is easier for your customer to find you.

There are several things you can do to optimise listings on your Shopee and Lazada:

Optimise Listings on Shopee & Lazada


Optimise Listings for Shopee

Secure Your Preferred+ Seller Badge

If you noticed, instead of the signature orange tick, Shopee now introduced another programme called Preferred+. It is not only a seal of approval, but it is also a great way to attract more buyers. 

The “Preferred+” badge, like the existing “Preferred” badge, is given by Shopee Team to whichever outstanding seller they see as reliable. In order to make your store to be qualified, you need to have high ratings for customer service and a good number of successful transactions. Yes, the ratings matter a lot if you intend to be granted the badge, and the new set of requirements is somewhat tougher but not unachievable.

The main benefit of having the “Preferred+” badge is that it allows even higher visibility, which creates a good first impression for your store as the consumers see it as a form of affirmation on the quality of both service and product. Besides, a better discoverability indicates that you will have a better search ranking in comparison to regular and Preferred shops, which indirectly lead to more orders and increasing store sales.

It is noteworthy that the buyers will also be rewarded with Shopee coins when they shop with Preferred+ sellers. This reward system will draw the consumers to lean towards choosing your store over the rest as every 100 coins can be exchanged as a RM1 discount for their next order. Visit Shopee’s Preferred+ Seller Programme page here to learn more about the criteria and bear in mind that the title can be revoked if you could not meet the service standard of Shopee.

Optimise Listings for Lazada

Run Your A/B Testing

What exactly is A/B Testing and why is it necessary? It is also known as split testing where you can put two or more variations to test. Within the same period of time, you can obtain the results and start measuring which is better. This test is targeted to identify the best content and pricing of your products. It is also one of the most important components in Lazada product listing optimisation as it determines which option is best at converting your store visitors into consumers. 

Through this, you can study which is the better listing with figures like the page views and sales revenue. This will provide a clearer picture of what works in giving you a greater click-thru rate, together with the potential in bringing up a better conversion rate to improve your sales. It is no secret that a good product listing will be highly beneficial because the search algorithm of Lazada will be using both the shop’s recent sales history and the conversion rate to rank your shop which will directly impact your incoming sales.

However, if you have over 100+ products in your shop, we do not recommend doing A/B testing manually. It is simply too time consuming. Instead, we think it is great to invest your time in learning about the applications like Google Optimze, or paying for tools like CombineSell and Splitdragon to help in optimising your product listing that give you the flexibility to produce more than one split testing concurrently.

For Store Owners on Both Shopee & Lazada

Running your store on both Shopee and Lazada? Fret not, here’s one section for you adventurous folks. Below are the optimisation tips which applies to both, if not all the Ecommerce platforms out there:

1. Pay Attention to Your Digital Assets

Southeast Asia’s digital economy has tripled in the past few years. With such tremendous growth, every seller faces greater competitions and challenges. Ask yourself: how can you stand out from the rest and showcase your products on this fast-growing Ecommerce platform?

It is undeniable that digital assets are the core of any online business, no matter which Ecommerce platform or marketplace that you are in. Having great digital assets would be able to differentiate your store from the rest of your competitors. 

PHOTOGRAPHY Being the first engaging element for your buyers, it is crucial to pay close attention to the details of what you put out there. You might be surprised, but many buyers agreed on how image quality might influence their buying decision. We highly recommend store owners to refine their product photography or, reach out to professionals if you have the budget.

INFORMATION Aside from the product images, the description is another traffic source for your product. When a buyer searches for a specific product on any search engine, you want your product to be included in the search results. We strongly push for proper optimisation through implementing strategic (paid/unpaid) search marketing so that your product will always stay on the top. Be helpful by writing down the important information like dimensions and material. Also, use the keywords sparingly because you can be penalized if you abuse the system.

2. Make Use of the Marketing Tools in the Seller Center

EXPLORE THE OPTIONS It is good to explore how to put the marketing tools in these Southeast Asia Ecommerce platforms to full utilization. Some of the tools that we really like: “Flash Deals” and Top Picks” for Shopee, “Bundles” and “Seller Picks” for Lazada. When these tools are correctly used, they can help to reduce obsolete stocks and showcase more bestsellers.

KEEP THE CAMPAIGNS GOING Both Shopee and Lazada will have a few periodic campaigns (see the promotional calendar here we put together for you) where they will display products on some of the banners, whether on the homepage or category pages. You may opt to nominate your items so they will appear in these campaigns to increase their exposure to gain higher page clicks. With this additional promotion, it should be no surprise that you will have greater store visibility, which leads to higher sales 

TRACK YOUR PERFORMANCE Yes, many sellers often neglect the importance of studying the wealth of data they have collected in the past. It is necessary to understand the data-driven insights which allow you to make an informed decision. You will need the competitive advantage if you intend to stand out from the rest of the sellers in these two fast-growing Southeast Asia Ecommerce platforms. 

Our Final Thoughts

As you can see from how we place great emphasis in optimising your listings on Lazada and Shopee, we certainly hope that some of the tips we mentioned above would be helpful in generating more sales in the two largest Ecommerce platforms you are on. Cheers to another day, another way to strive in what you are doing.

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Table of Contents

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