Mega Sales Marketing Strategy – Ultimate Guide to Maximize Ecommerce Growth and Year End Sales from Start to Finish

Mega Sales is a term mostly used in Southeast Asia to describe the increasing number of significant sales occasions that are caps the peak year end period of the Ecommerce promotion calendar. As the Ecommerce landscape becomes more crowded, brands must develop innovative and engaging strategies to grab consumers’ attention across a variety of channels during this crucial holiday sales period. By 2026, Ecommerce sales are expected to double and one of the catalysts for this growth is the growing number of mega shopping events or “Mega Sale Days (MSD)”.

During Mega Sales Days, people expect experiences that are tailored to them as individuals. These customers seek inspiration and entertainment. Once they discover something they love, people anticipate a fast and easy path to purchase. During Mega Sale Days, businesses are create an exciting shopping experience across all touchpoints, including Shopee, Lazada, Brand Ecommerce Sites, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Tiktok, Youtube and Influencer Marketing.

This article covers everything you’ll need to set yourself up for Q4 success, broken into four parts below:

Mega Sales Campaign Checklist

Establish Foundations

Set up a strong foundation well ahead of your sales event and Get ready for the major shopping season.
Utilize best practices to get ready for the busy shopping season and lay a solid foundation before your sales event.
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Maximise Purchases

Build momentum and increase purchases on your Mega Sales Day when demand is highest.
During the Mega Sale Day, Returns exceed prices at this point, making it crucial to maximise purchases during the busiest shopping season.
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Stay on Top of Mind

After your Mega Sale Day, stay top of mind and drive loyalty with your newly acquired customers.
After the Mega Sale Day, Make the most of the opportunity to stay in the minds from your newly purchased clients.
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1. Set up a Strong Data Foundation

Data signals are the fuel for optimization algorithms and your performance marketing team to determine which strategies and ad creatives are increasing the likelihood of a conversion. Set up a robust tag management practice to capture data signals across the entire consumer journey for better optimization.

8% performance improvement were achieved by advertisers with the help of recommended best practices while sending events via both the Meta Pixel and Conversions API.”

To make it possible for you to share marketing data in a way that respects people’s privacy preferences, utilize technologies like the Google and TikTok pixels and Facebook Conversions API to understand what actions are taken by users after an ad is clicked or viewed. Connecting your Lazada and Shopee Store’s Catalog with your Facebook business manager will also enable tracking of the conversion events across platform, which will help improve data feedback, conversions and lowering acquisition costs.

  Maximise data sharing reliability between your marketing channels and your stores:

By establishing a direct link between your marketing data and the Meta systems via the Facebook Conversions API, you may increase the data’s dependability. If you are focused on Ecommerce Marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada, make sure you have the catalog setup and shared across to your Facebook and TikTok Business Managers.

  Capture intent across your consumer touchpoints:

To personalise and optimise ads, here are some must dos:

    • Share marketing data through the pixel (Facebook & Tiktok), SDK, or offline conversions.
    • Utilize the brand portals to generate custom UTM links and tracking parameters to connect the acquisition and conversion intent metrics.
  Observe the data stability and connection’s strength:
    • Set an allowance for data loss and bounce rates. Consumers moving from one channel to another can result in discrepancies. Usually a 20% to 30% difference is expected but anything beyond that requires the team to go in and check on the tracking parameters. 
    • Review the ad campaign data in periods of 1 day, 3 days and 7 days to ensure the results are stable
    • Track performance in Facebook Events Manager, Shopee Brand Portal and Lazada’s External Traffic Management solutions
    • Establish a Daily Tracker


2. Know your Product Priorities and how to maximize their Exposure

Cheat sheet for product analysis

3. Create and test your Ad Creatives:

32% increased efficiency and 8% incremental reach has been shown to be driven by creative diversification.”

At crucial times for sales, having different creatives and messaging will help to open up new audiences. A good mix of messages and creative angles are used to engage potential Mega Sale Day customers and attract new ones. In order to communicate to the various factors that affect Mega Sales purchases, diversify your creative mix.

Craft differentiated messages and utilize different creative angles for audiences who are different stages of the brand purchase journey, from .

Consider messaging that addresses top factors influencing Mega Sales Day purchases.

To engage viewers with various viewing habits, use a variety of formats (carousel, reels, stories) and content types (video and static images).

Find out and test the factors that are bringing in new customers and sales.

Top factors influencing purchases
Product quality 92%
Price 91%
Product authenticity 90%
Product choices 88%



Success Story:

Abaro Shoes, a leading footwear brand in Malaysia tested different Video ads and measured the impact that its Facebook Collaborative Ads have on sales, ultimately utilizing ads that drove customers across the acquisition and conversion funnel, seeing a 40% lift in purchase conversions

4. Structure your Ad Campaigns to Maximize Top and Lower Funnel Performance

The learning phase is useful for improving the effectiveness of campaigns. Consolidating campaigns and ad sets to achieve 50 conversions per ad set each week allows businesses to learn quickly. This is particularly important for big sales occasions where sales could be fleeting.

Below is an Ad Account structure we like to use with a focus on conversions to set up an brand for nett new customers while optimizing for lower funnel conversions. This type of ad account structure will work very well for brand ecommerce sites and just requires some tweaks if you are focused on driving traffic to your marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee

Facebook Instagram Ad Account Structure
  Ways to learn quickly and efficiently:
  • Figure out the maximum number of ad sets your budget can sustain.

 (Total Weekly Budget)/(CPA*50)=Max # of Ad Sets

  • Increase your audience size with broad targeting and Meta Advantage products.
  • Select a more frequent conversion event especially if your store conversions are low at the start. 
  • Keep overall spend in the learning phase to below 20%.
  • Identify the demographics or interest areas that have been successful for your brand.
  • To determine which works best for your marketing objectives, test several bids and creatives.
  • If you can, use split testing to identify the precise factors that boost performance.

5. Create an Always-On presence in key marketing channels

In order to connect with your audience regularly and increase your brand presence, brands are encouraged to implement an Always-On campaign. Use this opportunity to:

► Build an always on re-marketing strategy which will and start increasing frequency of engagement and creation of lookalikes

Run any test and learn campaigns that may add to your Peak Day Campaigns 

Understand your campaign performance baseline and audience better

6. Choose the Right Creators for fresh perspective

With the use of advanced ad targeting and optimization capabilities, brands can turn creator content into advertisements to impact consumer buying behaviour.

19% improved efficiency when branded content ads are added on top of a brand’s business as usual campaign during peak shopping season. ”

  Select the right creators:

To make an idea a reality, choose the ideal partner. Creators with an original point of view and a special natural affinity for the subject can alter a concept and engage their audience.

  Set clear goals:

Creator strategies should be shaped by the objectives of the brand and desired outcomes should be aligned up front.

  Co-create your story:

Allow the brand to benefit from the creators’ voices. Utilizing the creator’s voice in a way that organically conveys the brand and the message is essential for success.

Reach Customers Early

1. Pair Brand and Performance Campaigns

Sales can be maximised prior to your critical shopping period by combining brand and performance promotions. Before your Mega Sale Day, take advantage of less promotional times to spread the word about your business, build momentum, and expand your customer base. Utilize our suggested Ad Account structure with a skewed budget to top funnel goals to build up an audience pool.

94% of all Malaysia’s year-end shoppers surveyed are likely to try a new brand during the peak shopping season.. ”

2. Broaden Campaign Objectives and Leverage Platform's Machine Learning

Reaching new audiences is made easier by broadening objectives and optimizations. In the height of the shopping season, consumers are more willing to explore new companies. Reaching new audiences and boosting their propensity to make a purchase later on can be accomplished by extending objectives and optimizations to include adding to carts, seeing contents, and viewing landing pages.


Support your sales driven campaigns campaigns with objectives focused on awareness and consideration to drive nett new customers for the brand..


increase in consideration when combining brand and performance objectives”


Explore mid-funnel optimisations such as link clicks, landing page views, add-to-carts.


increase in conversion rates at 13% lower acquisition costs when businesses invest >30% of spend in mid-funnel optimisations before the year-end shopping season.”

3. Awareness Campaigns create demand with New Audiences

Awareness Recipe Card:

TargetingBroad targeting ensures you are can capture the largest set of potential customers available to you
BiddingAutomatic Bidding to establish baseline on new audiences
ChannelFacebook, Instagram & TikTok
FrequencyCampaigns seen at least 1or more times per week are 4X more effective at driving long-term sales
Ad formatShort-form video: Reels Long-form video: In-stream
CreativePeople consume content differently on mobile, so utilize creative best practices to ensure your ads capture attention
Measurementlncrementality with Conversions A Pl-based lift

Source: Facebook




Video (Reels, In-stream) With video accounting for 50% of time spent on Facebook and Instagram, use engaging video formats to reach new audiences.

Short form works best in scrollable and mobile presentation spaces, long form are better at driving deeper insight and more complex concepts.

4. Conversion campaigns can convert demand into sales.

New Customer Acquisition Recipe Card:

TargetingAdvantage+ Catalog Ads for broad audiences (formerly known as dynamic ads for broad audiences)
OptimisationPurchase, ROAS and mid-low funnel events
BiddingUse lowest cost if you want to maximise spend, Use cost cap if you want every new customer to have marginal profitability
PlatformsShopee, Lazada & Facebook
Ad formatIn Marketplace
CreativeLeverage video to capitalize on discoverabi lity via storytelling
Measurementlncrementality with Conversions APl-based lift

Source: Facebook


Advantage+ Catalog Ads for broad audiences Reach shoppers who are interested in your catalog but may not have visited your website or app.

Chemist Warehouse, the Australian based Pharmacy chain ran a mixed Facebook ad campaign featuring Advantage+ Catalog Ads to lift awareness for its annual Family Fun Fair Promotion and encourage online and in-store sales, earning a 3x return on ad spend for online sales

5. Diverse video formats:

Different video formats give your brand an entertaining and interesting introduction. Combining brief fun busts on Reels, Stories, and Feed with longer narrative video creatives for In-Stream helps maximise reach and adapt to user behaviours.

Long form video

(In-Stream | Live)
  • Connect with people through longer brand stories on Facebook.
  • Crop tight on main characters, boost impact with text, design for sound on.

Short form video

(Reels | Stream | Stories)
  • Connect with people through engaging short bursts of entertainment across Facebook and Instagram.
  • Create for vertical (9:16), surprise with transitions and editing, keep attention with motion.

7. Chat Broadcast using the Seller Center

Chat Broadcast is a feature in Seller Centre (Shopee, Lazada) which allows sellers to broadcast messages to shop followers by Send vouchers, album images, or products / product categories to followers. Sending messages targeted to your followers is an efficient way to reward them or increase item views and orders. 

Do’s – What you should do

Give an attractive voucher discount for higher conversion

  • Voucher minimum spend can be slightly higher than your
    current shop’s ABS to increase overall items ordered and
  • Low discount or overly high minimum spend are less effective in driving clicks.
  • Consider voucher quantity cap after checking your buyer
    targeting size displayed


Create urgency, such as by stating voucher expiry date or
promotion period in the messages

  • Use different voucher codes to measure responsiveness of
    different buyer groups

Don’ts – What you should not do

  • Don’t spam buyers every day with the same content, or they will
    stop responding to your chats
  • Don’t use vulgarities
  • Don’t ignore or be unpleasant to buyers in chat responses

Benefits of using Chat Broadcast:

  1. Reach out to your followers and reward them with exclusive promotions.
  2. Increase product and shop views.
  3. Grow your orders by sending promotional content.

8. Participate in all the Campaigns in the Marketplace

Marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada will run multiple marketing campaigns to promote their sales campaign. If your stores qualify to be a part of the sales campaign, you can enjoy the benefits of the marketplace marketing efforts to get more traffic and visits for your products. Most of the visitors are in a high shopping mood during a sales campaign. Offering vouchers and free shipping will definitely help you to attract more product views and get more conversions than a normal day.

A sale campaign is a golden opportunity for sellers to increase their brand or store exposure. With the right promotion tools, sellers will not only get more visitors to purchase products but also increase brand or store awareness among the visitors.

MonthShopee Sale CampaignsLazada Sale Campaigns
January1.1 New Year Sale
New Year Sale
February2.2 CNY SaleLazada CNY Sale
March3.3 Supermarket SaleLazada Birthday Sale
April4.4 Mega Shopping DayLazada Ada Sentuhan Raya Sale
MayRaya Bersama Shopee SaleLazada Ada Sentuhan Raya Sale
June6.6 Awesome SaleLazada Ada 6.6 Shopmania Sale
July7.7 Mid Year Sale7.7 Mid Year Sale
August8.8 Brands Festival Sale8.8 Budget Bonanza Sale
September9.9 Super Shopping Day Sale9.9 Big Brands Sale
October10.10 Brands Festival SalePerfect 10.10 Sale
November11.11 Big Sale11.11 Biggest one-Day Sale
December12.12 Birthday Sale12.12 Grand Year-End Sale

9. Drop Early Promotions Messages in Social Channels

Planning an Early promotions on social media is a huge opportunity to attract new followers, make sales, and convert your existing audience into customers. Unlike a traditional in-store promotion, social media means brands can now reach thousands of potential customers when they bring something new to market.

Advantages of Social Media Promotions for Your Business:

Gaining brand awareness and brand recognition is one of any business’ most important marketing goals. That’s because consumers want to buy brands they recognize. Many shoppers even have certain degrees of brand loyalty, which leads to long-term business benefits. Thankfully, social media allows for easy and effective brand building.

A strong social media marketing strategy will generate conversation about your brand, products, and partners. Focus on sharing content that naturally creates conversation. Some of those ways are to

  1. Give shout-outs to other companies you network and work with.
  2. Solicit feedback about your products.
  3. Ask open ended questions, then let the audience reply to get them actively involved.

You need to know what your target customers are interested in if you’re going to try to reach them effectively. You can do this by monitoring their social conversations around certain topics. This is called social listening, and can help you understand what’s important to your audience while identifying trends they’re following. You may also learn about what they’re struggling with, which can help you create content addressing those pain points.

Customers now expect companies to handle their requests through social media. A strong investment in customer service can build meaningful relationships between your company and your customers. With social media, the challenge of customer service remains as demanding as it had before.

Social media marketing can assist in sending customers directly to your site. Search engines are great, but being overly reliant on search results means you’re missing out on a ton of potential traffic. Social media channels allow for more diverse inbound traffic streams.

Technology, social media, and marketing practices are always evolving. When someone within your industry makes a sudden change, you’re going to want to know about it and figure out why. Keeping up on news that might affect you and your company is necessary in order to stay afloat in a competitive market. For example, Google changes its algorithm quite frequently. If you want to stay up to date on how it works so you can see how the changes will affect your SEO, you might want to follow them on Twitter. This way, you can stay current with news that affects your business.


Breakdown on Facebook source of info:

Within Facebook, Ads are the main driver for source of information for MSD

Facebook Ad
Facebook post
Facebook video
Facebook story
Facebook reels
Breakdown on Instagram source of info:

Within Instagram, Post are the main driver for source of information for MSD

Instagram post
Instagram sponsored Ad
Instagram story
Instagram reels
Breakdown on TikTok source of info:

Within TikTok, Videos are the main driver for source of information for MSD


TikTok Video
TikTok Ad

“An abandoned cart isn’t an abandoned opportunity”

The hard work of preparing you for the peak sales period will be done by your pre-Mega Sales Day promotions. You are prepared to cut through the noise and concentrate on consumers who have already expressed interest now that you have the appropriate tools in place and a larger customer base. Reach customers who are highly motivated to make a purchase during the Mega Sale Day time and encourage them to visit your app or website again.

1. Optimize Budgets & Keywords for Ad Campaigns

“Shoppers are waiting until Mega Sales Days (MSDs) to purchase that big-ticket item they’ve always wanted and Considering new Brands.”

Increasing your Ad budget is the easiest way to scale your ads. Use ROAS to decide if it’s worth it to increase your ad spend. You can calculate your ROAS for a whole campaign, an ad set, or specific ads. You’ll get the best results scaling Facebook ads that have a frequency between 1.8 and 4.

APAC Shoppers percent
Keywords Optimization

Real time Optimizations on keywords convert more prospects into loyal customers, and ultimately boost sales.

Google AdWords is a great place to start with keyword research, but there are plenty of other keyword planning tools out there you can use. Don’t forget about Longtail keywords as well, because half of all search queries are four-plus words in length, there’s less competition for these phrases, and they have higher conversion rates. When you have the right keywords in your toolbox, they’ll help connect you with prospects who are looking to buy what you’re selling.

However, there are other keywords and phrases that customers are surely using to locate products just like yours, and it’s up to you to determine what they are and to start implementing them in your Content, Web pages, URLs, Headings, Image descriptions, Metadata, Page titles and Emails.

2. Create a Captivating product page

A good offer is only half the equation as your product page needs to capture their interest enough and guide them to commit to a purchase or more. You should build unique banners, images, copy, and landing pages that include all of the things on sale and can be customised for various occasions if you want to design a product page that stands out. 

One tip worth remembering while executing your mega sales strategy plan is that consumers are prepared to spend during mega sales. This means you can further maximize your business sales by subtly encouraging them to buy more, so consider adding these subtle hints below on your page for an indirect prompt: 

  • Product suggestion 
  • Bundle deals
  • Spend-and-save offers
  • Free shipping and gifts for spending a certain amount 


Remember, within the first few seconds as customers check out your product page, this page can mean the difference between a sale closed and a lost customer so make sure they land on a good one.

3. Remarketing helps Maximise Sales

Remarketing helps maximise sales during your key shopping moment

Remarketing Recipe Card:

TargetingAdvantage+ Catalog Ads for retargeting (formerly known as dynamic ads for retargeting) to reach people who visited your website and did not purchase
BiddingAutomatic bidding (lowest cost), Campaign Budget Optimisation
PlacementsUse 6+ placements, expanding into automatic placements
Ad formatCarousel and collection format
CreativeTest whether creative that is tailored to customer’s intent can drive optimal remarketing value.
Build for specific remarketing needs, instead of repurposing customer acquisition creative.
MeasurementIncrementality with Conversions API-based lift

4. Flexible bids and budgets

Brands can reach more customers who are ready to buy thanks to flexible bids and budgets. Brands can benefit most from the highest level of buying behaviour by implementing more flexible budget and bid strategies. Instead of utilising budgets to limit expenses, think about adopting capped bidding with large budgets.


With a large budget, you can take advantage of more chances during the busiest shopping season. To make sure you don’t go over your finances, set a spending limit.


of investment from capped-bidding
strategies were constrained by their budget during year-end shopping season.”


You may guarantee conversions are delivered to your desired objective by using a capped-bidding method. The flexibility of cost cap bidding is greater than that of bid caps in capped-bidding schemes.


decrease in campaigns constrained by budgets with cost cap vs bid cap”

5. Dynamic Ad Formats help convert Demand into Sales

Businesses can increase spontaneous purchases by providing a quick and simple way to purchase. Product tags, Advantage+ Catalog Ads (formerly Dynamic Ads), digital circulars, and collaborative ads are examples of ad formats that can convert discoveries into purchases.

Drive discovery & sales across borders:

    • With Advantage+ Catalog Ads, you may reach a wide audience and gain new clients.
    • With Ads with Product Tags, shoppable content can reach a wider audience.
    • Utilize Shopping Lookalike Audiences to find new audiences.
    • With Digital Circulars, you may promote nearby goods and encourage in-store sales.
    • Enable collaborative ads for shopper marketing to encourage customers to make purchases on a retailer’s website or app.

Re-engage shoppers

    • Utilize Advantage+ Catalog Ads, Collaborative Ads, or Shopping Custom Audiences to re-engage customers in the customer journey.


1. Re-engaging customers keeps your brand top of mind:

The customer experience doesn’t end with a sale. Reactivating customers can encourage repeat business and brand loyalty. Customers who have visited a brand’s website, app, or store can be reconnected with and encouraged to make a purchase.




Success Story:

Good Year, a leading tire manufacturing company used Advantage + Catalog Ads for retargeting across Facebook and Instagram to encourage existing customers to purchase again

2. Remarketing builds loyalty with recent purchasers:

Retargeting with Advantage+ Catalog Ads. Cross-sell your catalogue to recent customers to foster brand loyalty. Choose from a variety of retargeting choices (such as viewed, added to cart but abandoned it, or upsell). Consider extending your remarketing window as audiences on iOS14.5+ devices might have shrunk.



Advantage+ Catalog Ads for retargeting Cross-sell your catalogue to recent customers to foster brand loyalty. Choose from a variety of retargeting choices (such as viewed, added to cart but abandoned it, or upsell). Consider extending your remarketing window as audiences on iOS14.5+ devices might have shrunk.

Loyalty Recipe Card:

TargetingAdvantage+ Catalog Ads for retargeting (formerly known as dynamic ads for retargeting) to reach past purchasers
BiddingAutomatic bidding (lowest cost), Campaign Budget Optimisation
PlacementsUse 6+ placements, expanding into automatic placements
Ad formatCarousel and collection format
CreativeContinue testing to determine creatives most beneficial to loyalty/repurchase audience. Build for specific loyalty/repurchase needs.
MeasurementIncrementality with Conversions API-based lift

Mega Sale Day campaign planner

Establish Foundations

Set up a strong foundation well ahead of your sales event and Get ready for the major shopping season.
1. Set up a Strong Data Foundation
2. Know your Product Strategies
3. Create and test your Ad Creatives
4. Account Structures for better performance
5. Create an Always-On presence in key marketing channels
6. Choose the Right Creators for fresh perspective

Reach Customers Early

Reach shoppers early and build momentum for your shopping moment.
1. Pair Brand and Performance Campaigns
2. Broaden objectives and optimisations
3. Awareness Campaigns create demand with New Audiences
4. Conversion campaigns can convert demand into sales.
5. Diverse video formats
6. Chat Broadcast using the Seller Center
7. Participate in all the Campaigns in the Marketplace
8. Drop Early Promotions messages in Social Channels

Maximise Purchases

Build momentum and increase purchases on your Mega Sales Day when demand is highest.
1. Optimize Budgets & Keywords for Ad Campaigns
2. Create a Captivating product page
3. Remarketing helps Maximise Sales
4. Flexible bids and budgets
5. Seamless Ad Formats help convert Demand into Sales

Stay on Top of Mind

After your Mega Sale Day, stay top of mind and drive loyalty with your newly acquired customers.
1. Re-engaging customers keeps your brand top of mind
2. Remarketing builds loyalty with recent purchasers

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, mega sales can most certainly deliver some promising sales numbers, but that’s only if you have the right sales strategy plan to capitalize on its potential! Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that not all your marketing efforts should be directed to just your mega sales, though! Customers are making purchases anytime nowadays when they need something, which means having a good all-time strategy like an always-on campaign that can bring in customers reliably is just as vital for your business’s long-term success. 

If you have more questions on how you can work on improvising the Sales on Mega Sales day, you already here, feel free to drop us a message at or get in touch with us to schedule a 30 mins consultation! it’s never too late to start!

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