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Most people figured that Ecommerce is simply shifting an offline business online with some quick automated setups in their Shopify, SquareSpace or Wix accounts. As an Ecommerce enabler, Commerceplus team feels obliged to help our clients to stay informed about the reality behind running an online store – and no, it might share some similarities with a physical retail store, but you have to know there is a lot more to that.

If we look at Ecommerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba or Taobao, we can tell they are highly operations-driven. Unfortunately, many might not realize that the keys to be successful with Ecommerce include paying close attention to the operations. Like how you would recognize marketing and branding are essential to your online business, it is important to accept that you have to put equal amounts of effort on your operations, if not more.

 Storefront Operations & Expansion for Ecommerce

A successful Ecommerce requires proper optimization of the infrastructure you have, so that it is almost hassle-free to engage a huge audience and start selling to them. In order to achieve this with greater efficiency and effectiveness, you really need to manage your operations well because customers love convenience and a sound operation will be able to cater to their needs and expectations in the long run.

In Commerceplus, we know a great storytelling skill will sell. With easy-to-navigate websites and storefronts, excellent customer service provided, alongside with properly executed performance ads on various platforms are all the dots for giving superb customer experience. And this is when we come in as the customer-focused enabler – we make sure all the dots you need are well connected and activated.

Commerceplus Service Pillar 1: Storefront Operations & Activation

Knowing the ways around the main crux of storefront operations and activation, we offer a series of services to ease your journey, whether you are just getting started or you are transitioning your business online. We want nothing but to assist in optimizing your brand and product into the best possible conversion

1. Ecommerce Site Setup

Not wanting you to be overwhelmed when you are setting up your e-shop, we gathered a list of Ecommerce sites for you to choose from. Depending on your budget and what is your desired outlook, we will provide you the details on the suitable options so it will be an easy comparison.

2. Marketplace Setup

Marketplace setup can be time consuming if the vendor is unfamiliar with the user interface and it can be frustrating to get it done. We observe that over the years, it became increasingly important for a vendor to have presence in the marketplace such as Shopee, Lazada or Etsy.

3. Social Commerce Setup

A lot of online sellers struggle to set up a seamless social commerce, as it is relatively new in many countries. This setup is extremely convenient, and it differs from your regular social media marketing because your intention is to get customers to purchase off these sites.

4. Cross Border Trade Setup

We always encourage our clients to dream big, because selling in the virtual world can literally bring you to anywhere in the world, if done right. Remember this: it is important to select appropriate channels and languages to attract your audience from another country.

5. Storefront Operations

This is the core of your Ecommerce business – nothing beats a smooth shopping experience for all the customers. We will assist you in managing the custom operations at the beginning, and hand it over to you once everything is well activated.

6. Product Listing Optimization

To generate a steady flow of revenue, you have to make sure your costs are managed properly. We will help to skim through your product listings to see if the profit margin makes sense, by comparing the pricing of similar products available in the market today

7. Customer Support

Yes, yes, yes! People often underestimate what great customer service can bring, and the failure in delivering the expected response on time can always bring bigger threats to damage your business. Therefore, we work hard to minimize the risk of unpleasantness.

8. Brand Ecommerce, Brand Identity

Branding – a crucial process that can eventually make or break a business. It has to stand out from all the competitors yet it should not be too complicated to be understood. A good brand identity will become your intangible asset that grows along with your wealth.

9. Storefront Design

We care for the aesthetic and we provide the option for your storefront design that is uniquely fitting to your brand. Our in-house designers are a group of youthful professionals, as you can see from what is expressed through this website itself.

10. Content Creation & Marketing

It is more than just writing blogs and posting pictures. Armed with talented content creators, we know exactly how to optimize your website according to SEO requirements and make sure its rank on various search engines to be improved over time.

11. Product Creative Studio

Everyone agrees that product shooting can be fun, but it can also be disastrous, and sometimes, it can be quite expensive. Here in Commerceplus creative studio, we offer affordable solutions but still give you the professional result you’d love to see.






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Table of Contents

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