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Ecommerce Promotional Calendar 2021

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In Malaysia, holidays are well-loved by the people. As one of the nations with quite an impressive number of holidays, whether it is worldwide or it is celebrated by a certain religion. These special dates are considered golden opportunities for your Ecommerce business.

The Commerceplus team always has a promotional calendar as a reminder in their planners. We believe that you can totally utilize these occasions to boost your revenue and potentially reach out to more customers when you position your ads in the right time.

Why An Ecommerce Promotional Calendar?

Oftentimes, merchants are highly driven by their enthusiasm to drive more attention to their websites and achieve great conversion from that user experience provided to their targeted audience. However, unpreparedness will lead to disappointing results.

We observe how successful brands will put in a massive amount of effort and dedication in planning their promotions in advance with their very own content calendar. Nobody is really keeping tabs of all the holidays in their mind, as we know most of the human memory will deteriorate over time.

Special occasions are only remembered when they are getting too close, so it might be too late to scramble and hold a campaign for it. Thus, we decided to give you some help so you will reduce the missed opportunities in 2021.

We have come up with a simple overview of major Ecommerce events and a comprehensive Ecommerce promotional calendar, or promotional calendar. The overview allows you to know the major Ecommerce events in Malaysia at one glance, while the promotional calendar listed specific dates and periods that you should know in advance.

The Major Ecommerce Events in Malaysia

Lazada Birthday Sale and Shopee Birthday Sale

Lazada and Shopee are easily the most recognizable names when it comes to Ecommerce, and naturally, users are often very hyped up with their Birthday sale. You can expect Lazada’s Birthday Sale to fall in late March or April while Shopee Birthday Sale has always been 12 of December ever since they launched in 2015.

A lot of flash sales and deals are going to be available for the discount-hungry customers, so it is best for merchants to plan their promotions and stocks for these special times. You can choose to participate in allowing the redemption of certain vouchers as smart consumers will always try to get the best deals from the list of similar items they can find in the list.

9.9 Sale, 10.10 Sale and 11.11 Singles’ Day Sale

Both 9.9 Sale and 10.10 Sale are essentially the spin-offs from the fairly reputable Single’s Day. In most cases, Ecommerce marketplace like Lelong, PrestoMall and Zalora utilize these opportunities to warm up their logistics, techniques and service. The players will then observe how they can improve the overall experience for the ultimate 11.11 Sale.

Meanwhile, we think the famous Singles’ Day Sale needs no introduction – originated from China and surprised the world by having massive discounts on nearly every item. We believe the gifting season is one of the main reasons behind the increased spending during this month. Merchants should definitely take this chance to win some of their customers!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday (BFCM) Sale

If you have missed out on some of your purchases in the 11.11 sale, Black Friday will be your chance to make up for that. In the States, Black Friday happens in the Thanksgiving week itself, and Cyber Monday comes after the weekend of Black Friday. Outside of the US, global retailers have taken this chance to market their holiday sale as this day is commonly known as the beginning for X’mas shopping.


Commonly known as the biggest digital sale across the nation, it is also a well-known attempt to boost the Ecommerce ecosystem in 2014. Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) sees how the merchant sale has grown over the years, and how people are getting absolutely comfortable with the idea of cross-border Ecommerce. It is typically scheduled in September or October, you may check out the event’s official website here to be one of the merchants!

The Shopping Spree Driven by Cultures

If you haven’t known already – festive celebrations of all races and religions are BIG in Malaysia. We have highlighted some of the festive time that we consider you must take note below, and we urge merchants to place great emphasis in planning their stock volume due to possible disruption in terms of logistics during the festive season.

Chinese New Year

When Malaysian Chinese come in as second in the overall populations in the country, we know their purchases will mean a lot to many sellers out there. Lunar New Year remains one of the biggest events for most Malaysian Chinese, if not the most important one. This is due to how everyone would look forward to the joyous moments during reunions.

The common practice of CNY goods hunting begins at least a month before the first day of Lunar New Year. Everyone will be out seeking for something that gives them a brand new look. Thus, sellers should always pay close attention to their stock management to meet the sudden surge in demand. 


Ramadan is the holy month for our Muslim friends, where they go through fasting from the sunrise to the sunset, and engaged in doing more good deed ie. Charity and prayers. Do bear in mind that they make up more than half of the Malaysian population, that is quite a big number of potential consumers for you. 

During the most sacred month, the Muslims are also found preparing for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. They frequently visited websites offering modest fashion apparels like FashionValet and Naelofar Hijab. Some other categories with significant rise include electronics and health&beauty.


Yes! It is the season of gifting! Over the years, many have chosen to join the fun of gift exchange regardless of their race and religion. It becomes a form of a kind gesture to show their appreciation to the other person, or an opportunity for bonding moments. Therefore, we recommend sellers to come up with good deals like Buy X Free Y or Free Gift Wrapping Service, as many will be attracted to these options.

After all the reading, here comes the fun part. The team presents you the 2021 Promotional Calendar to make your life easier:

2021 Promotional Calendar

Our Final Thoughts

We hope that this write-up has given you a good knowledge on the importance and the possibilities behind all the preparation you can do with the help of a promotional calendar, especially for sales and marketing purposes. 

We genuinely hope that it is helpful to your Ecommerce business. Get yourself ready for 2021. We were all caught off guard by this global pandemic, we should be more prepared for whatever that is ahead. Good luck!





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