2023 Ecommerce Promotional Calendar; The Ultimate guide for Sales and Marketing Planning

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We are now in the fourth week and are still in amazement at the significant improvements we saw in 2022. For everyone, but especially for us at the Commerceplus, it has been quite a voyage. We are really appreciative of the comments from clients and readers who appreciated the information we produced and shared. Here is the group creating yet another item on the promotional calendar for 2023 just for you!

For most Ecommerce businesses, losing track of their marketing operations is one of the most frequent issues they face. In order to effectively plan future campaigns, promotions, product launches, and other marketing activities around the most well-known holidays, firms now absolutely must have Marketing Promotional calendar.

While shoppers are returning to brick and mortar, their e-commerce habits are set. Experts predict worldwide retail e-commerce sales will soar from about 5 trillion US dollars to just over 8 trillion dollars by 2026.

E-commerce retail sales by year

To capitalize on this growth, online retailers will need to double down on many of the trends that took off during the pandemic while keeping an eye on changing consumer expectations and preferences. In this blog, we will list all of the important dates you should have in your ecommerce marketing promotional calendar, including why they’re important and some ideas about how your business can craft marketing campaigns around them. 

What drives your Ecommerce growth?

For the majority of Ecommerce companies, it is the ad account. And that dependence on for-profit marketing initiatives results in a nasty catch-22, a codependent loop with steadily declining profits. The reality is that you need an ecommerce marketing calendar that maximises your peak sales while maintaining cash flow throughout your valleys.

Four-Peaks for Maximizing Your Efforts

We utilise the Four-Peaks Theory to create our own marketing promotional calendar and the calendars of our clients in order to avoid these situations. With this strategy, you may benefit from the standard holiday season, significant gift-giving occasions, and both product events and cultural occasions.

Aligning with your clients’ demands is the goal. To satisfy their needs without resorting to significant reductions. Once you’ve determined the high points that already exist, you may begin filling in your off-seasons. Alternate between two cultural experiences and two holidays to create your peaks.

2023 C+ Promotional Calendar 2023

Q1: First Peak

Refreshes the Ecommerce year with key shopping opportunities from Chinese New Year to Shopee Consumer Day and Lazada Brithday Sale. Use this time for product launches and brand-awareness campaigns that will attract new customers and retarget existing customers from Q4.

Prior to the first day of Lunar New Year, the customary practise of CNY items hunting starts at least one month in advance. Everyone will be looking around for items that offer them a fresh appearance.

A lot of flash sales and deals are going to be available for the discount-hungry customers, so it is best for merchants to plan their promotions and stocks for these special times. You can choose to participate in allowing the redemption of certain vouchers as smart consumers will always try to get the best deals from the list of similar items they can find in the list.

Q2: Second Peak

There are plenty of opportunities to boost sales and engage with customers through this period. From setting a fun tone on the 1st of April, right through to making the most of Ramadan Sale Period as Muslims in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore prepare for their new year. This is the time for homecoming, house renovations, fashion brands to capitalize on the frenzy to turn up in new clothes and refresh the home aesthetics.  

Q2 is the season of celebration which marks Eid, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with a special mention of 6.18 Shopee Great Global Sale and Great Singapore Sale Week. 

Q3: Third Peak

Q3 is the season when consumers update their wardrobes and make their travel plans. In early September, major retailers launch attractive summer sales, and fashion labels launch their Autumn / Winter collections. Towards the end of the quarter, retailers release advent promotional calendars that sell out quickly.

In essence, 9.9 Sale are the offshoots of the reputable Single’s Day. Most of the time, e-commerce sites like Lazada, Shopee, Tokopedia and Zalora take advantage of these chances to improve their coordination, methods, and customer support. The players will then assess how they might enhance the overall Sale experience for the upcoming Year End Peak Sales. 

The beginning of summer is a unique e-commerce occasion. Brands are actively promoting footwear, summer trends, and beachwear at this point. Remember to dedicate some marketing efforts to Labor Day as well, with a discount code or promotional offers to welcome the upcoming fall season.

Q4: Fourth Peak

The big show for the majority of e-commerce brands is Q4. Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas all fall during this time.
Despite the fact that sales are supreme, your holiday marketing might be based on a number of different deal structures:

  1. Site-wide promotions
  2. Selected SKUs or collections
  3. Freebies with every purchase
  4. Buy X, Get Y 
  5. Tiered savings based on spend

Meanwhile, we don’t believe the well-known Singles’ Day Sale needs an introduction; it started in China and shocked everyone by offering enormous discounts on almost everything. One of the key causes of the increased expenditure this month, in our opinion, is the gift-giving season. The possibility for retailers to gain some clients should surely be seized!

Final Thoughts

Every holiday or major event is an opportunity to build your brand awareness and drive sales, so use it to your advantage. To see results, you need to start preparing your holiday marketing campaigns ahead of time. Once you fill up your marketing calendar, start working on a plan for the dates that are relevant to your brand.

If you have more questions on how you can work on improvising the promotional calendar you already have, feel free to drop us a message at contact@commerceplus.asia or get in touch with us to schedule a 30 mins consultation! Have a good year ahead everyone – it’s never too late to start!

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Table of Contents

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